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BESTERRA - Making Demolition Beautiful

Just as there are things that only a company which has mastered "manufacturing" can manufacture, there are things that only a company which has mastered "demolition" can demolish.
"BESTERRA has honed creative ""techniques"" upon perfecting the art of plant demolition.
Conceiving rational approaches from scratch, we conduct demolition of not only plants in the power, oil refining, petrochemical, ironmaking, steelmaking, and gas sectors, but also ancillary and small-scale facilities containing hazardous or toxic materials that require more delicate work."
"Rather than simply demolishing, we employ the optimum ""techniques"" for people and the planet upon considering efficiency and environment.
Having mastered this path, we facilitate demolition that is both rational and beautiful."

BESTERRA's Proud Demolition Technology

BESTERRA has acquired patents not only for plant facilities demolition methods, but also development of demolition robots. We conduct demolition by employing the methods that are the most efficient, kindest to the environment, and safest for each works site.

  • Apple Peeling Method®

    Patents Acquired

    Apple Peeling Method

  • Wind Turbine Generator System Toppling Method®  Matryoshka Method

    Patents Acquired

    Wind Turbine Generator System Toppling Method Matryoshka Method

  • Apple ☆ Star®

    Apple ☆ Star

  • 3D Laser Scanning Measurement

    3D Laser Scanning Measurement

  • Crane Rail Inspection Robot

    Crane Rail Inspection Robot

  • Fireless Method

    Fireless Method

Kind to People, Kind to Planet Earth.
Safe Environmental Countermeasure Works

"BESTERRA is well acquainted with laws and regulations including the Act on Waste Management and Public Cleansing, the Act on the Assessment of Releases of Specified Chemical Substances in the Environment and the Promotion of Management Improvement, the Water Pollution Prevention Act, and the Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act.
Our qualified and experienced engineers provide comprehensive planning for difficult environmental projects, from demolition to environmental measures for addressing soil pollution and so on.
We also respond to environmental needs in plant demolition while taking recycling, regeneration, etc. into consideration."

  • Asbestos Countermeasures

    Asbestos Countermeasures

    In addition to removal from spraying agents, ceilings, walls and so forth, we also remove asbestos used in heat insulating materials, and heat-resistant materials used in boilers, turbines, exterior walls, etc. From planning through to ensuring compliance with administrative regulations, we provide management and execution based on cooperation between our expert engineers and external specialist contractors.

  • Dioxin Countermeasures

    Dioxin Countermeasures

    When removing incinerators, we take key steps to prevent exposure. We implement the optimum and legally compliant washing work upon investigating in close detail the service life and conditions of use of incinerators. We can conduct washing and demolition onsite or in a separate location following transportation. We realize demolition work that keeps environmental impacts to a minimum.

  • Low Concentration PCB Countermeasures

    Low Concentration PCB Countermeasures

    BESTERRA also leverages unique technologies to disassemble and dismantle transformers that contain minute traces of PCB. We use fireless methods to disassemble and dismantle large-size transformers into small pieces, and, when necessary, we promptly and safely remove debris upon implementing thorough "sealing".

CEO Yutaka Honda

Our Contribution to Realizing a Decarbonized Society

BESTERRA was established in 1974 based on its corporate philosophy of "Contributing to the global environment through flexible ideas, creativity and technical prowess". Offering a variety of high-value-added plant-related services, with a focus on dismantling plant facilities, we aim to realize a society that is both decarbonized and characterized by a high degree of recycling.
Amidst a constantly changing business environment, BESTERRA views such changes as an unlimited source of opportunities. Looking forward, we aim to contribute to the global environment and build a better future with customers as we, too, adapt to the changing times.
"As the plant facilities that supported Japanese industry for many years through the period of high economic growth become obsolete, they are gradually being replaced by next-generation facilities. Moreover, the renewal of plant facilities suitable for decarbonization is also progressing. There are also growing needs for measures to address environmental and compliance issues concerning asbestos, dioxins, and PCBs, and to improve the safety and efficiency of actual work.
When conducting demolition, rather than simply following the construction process in reverse, we conceive processes based on entirely new perspectives. Upon verifying our ideas through actual execution, we establish them as new technologies and complete them as patented work methods."
Since our establishment, we have specialized in plant facilities demolition, however, customers' needs are becoming increasing diverse. In future, we aim to increase our contributions to society and customers in works, engineering and maintenance fields that leverage digital technologies focusing on such areas as piping design, system development, and 3D laser scanning site measurement.
BESTERRA is committed to contributing to the realization of a decarbonized society through its businesses focused on demolition of plant facilities while working on the development of new technologies.

CEO Yutaka Honda

  • Corporate Philosophy

    Contributing to the global environment through flexible ideas, creativity and technical prowess.

  • Code of Conduct

    "We will fulfill our professional responsibility To always produce new technologies and provide them to customers upon ""giving top priority to safety"" and adding further peace of mind while cherishing the watchwords of ""faster, cheaper, and more safely"".

Company Outline

Company name
ベステラ株式会社 (Japanese name) "BESTERRA CO., LTD (English name) Outline"
February 20, 1974
843,176,000 yen (as of April 30, 2023)
Business Contents
Execution of demolition works for large-size plants, etc., design and consulting for such works, worker dispatch business, employment placement business, 3D measurement business
100 (as of April 30, 2023)
Construction License
"Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport License (Special-4) No. 28686 General Civil Engineering / Scaffolding and Earthwork / General Building / Steel Structure / Painting / Piping Work / Demolition / Machine and Equipment Installation"
Dispatch License

"Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare General Worker Dispatching License13-305233"


ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (Works)

Head Office
"3-2-6 Hirano, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0023
TEL. 03-3630-5555  FAX. 03-3630-9000
URL : https://www.besterra.co.jp
E-mail : info@besterra.co.jp"
Representative Director & President Yutaka Honda
Mizuho Bank Honjo Branch, Risona Bank Kinshicho Branch, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Kinshicho Branch, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Kinshicho Branch
Affiliated Organizations
"Tokyo Building Demolition Association
Metropolitan Area Waste Treatment Business Union (Minister of Environment Permit)
Entrepreneur Network
Anti-Organized Crime Campaign Center of Tokyo"